Longeon Thomas, Furnon Cindy, Marfisi-Schottman Iza. ISAGA 2023 – 54TH INTERNATIONAL SIMULATION AND GAMING ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE, Université La Rochelle, 2023

In a learning context marked by the disengagement of learners causing difficulty in developing skills, profound changes to diversify approaches have been initiated through pedagogical strategies and training systems to create commitment, generate motivation and thus promote learning. Through the literature and eXperience Feedback, the design and use of Serious Games (SG) appears to be an effective and efficient approach to creating an engaging and motivating context.

Through this communication, we define a theoretical framework around the design of SGs and we propose elements of response with an iterative design method of the design-based research type at the service of pedagogical engineering and skills development. We will show that the design phases of an SG articulated around the “10 commandments of the Serious Game Padawan” and combined with the exploitation of traces (learners, designers) lead to an approach having measurable impacts on the development of skills and the appropriation of the SG in a professional context. Thus, we highlight the subtle balance that is exercised between research, design, development, feedback from the SG through a comparative approach between traditional pedagogy versus active pedagogy based on the use of a SG.


Designing and Evaluating a Serious Game for Learning: a Subtle Balance Between Designers and Learners